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Immediate Goals

Goals for 1.5 are generally related to enhanced stability (list bug numbers here that we should target):


Version 1.4 was released in November 2012.


Seeking Functionality

In Fall 2010, Anderson Sandes did a survey of over 300 GIS professionals in an effort to assess the relative importance of selected GIS functionality. The results of his survey are currently in preparation for publication in a GIS journal. Results indicate the following ranking of GIS functionality (with average "importance rating" in parentheses.): 

(1) view vector data: 6.51, (2) view attribute data: 6.48, (3) display data on map: 6.42, (4) support different projections and coordinates systems: 6.40, (5) edit attribute data: 6.35, (6) save edited attribute data: 6.34, (7) edit vector data: 6.32, (8) save edited vector data: 6.32, (9) view raster data: 6.14, (10) perform basic analyses (e.g. clip features and create buffers): 6.06, (11) connect to databases: 5.94, (12) perform joins and spatial joins: 5.91, (13) allow printing of maps: 5.9, (14) allow customization of map symbology: 5.80, (15) perform georeferencing: 5.76, (16) perform advanced analyses (e.g. density, interpolation): 5.5, (17) support web-based data sources (e.g. support conversion to KML format and create web mapping services: 5.29, (18) perform statistic analyses (e.g. analyses of patterns and clusters): 5.10, (19) save edited raster data: 5.08, (20) edit raster data: 4.8, and (21) geocode: 4.78. 

The following table lists each of these categories of functionality together with specific DotSpatial details and tasks, in the context of a road map for releases of the DotSpatial library. 

Feature/Functionality Associated Issue(s) Version Version Version Version Version 
1 Oct 2010
31 Jan 2011
31 Mar 2011
13 June 2011
Read and Write Vector Data            
   - Shapefiles (Read/Write)    X  X  X  X  
   - WFS (Read)          X  
   - ESRI Personal Geodatabase (Read/Write)    
   - Other            
Read and Write Raster Data            
   - Binary Grid, BGD (Read/Write)    X  X  X  X  
   - GeoTIFF (Read/Write)          X  
   - ESRI Coverage (Read)            
   - Web Coverage Service, WCS (Read)          X  
   - NetCDF (Read/Write)          X  
Map Display and Interaction            
   - Symbology     X  X  X  X  
   - Zoom and Pan Navigation     X  X  X  X  
   - Layer Management   250  X  X  X  X  
   - Complex Symbology     X  X  X  X  
   - Simple Feature labeling    X        
   - Label Rotation Based on  a Feature Attribute  246          
Attribute Tables            
   - DBF (shapefile) (Read/Write)            
   - ODBC Database Connection (Read/Write)  206          
Topology and Topological Analyses    X  X  X  X  
   - NTS integration     X  X  X  X  
   - Topological analyses       X  X  X  
Plugins/Extensions      X  X  X  
   - GPS       X  X  X  
   - Model Builder and tools      X  X  X  
   - GPS Integration      X  X  X  
   - Improved Feature/Raster/Image Identifier  249      X    
   - Support all MW4 Projections and better Projection info  194, 247, 245          
Project Management            
   - Support all MW4 Project Files and Symbology Files            
   - DotSpatial Project files (dspx)            
   - End user/GUI documentation             
   - Programmer documentation            
   - Demonstration Code              

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