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FeatureSet in IndexMode

IndexWhiteShadow When the featureset is in index mode, it is designed to work using less memory and only supporting the values needed for drawing.  To preserve this lower memory state, avoid accessing the “Features” list.  In order to work with the coordinates for shapes and parts, use the ShapeIndices, which lists the actual shapes as ShapeRange objects.  Each ShapeRange can have multiple Parts, which are PartRange objects.  The PartRange can enumerate Vertex values using a foreach statement.
AttributesPopulated True if the DataTable has been filled with attributes.
CoordinateType Regular, M or Z.
DataTable A System.Data.DataTable which can be loaded with attributes.
Extent The geographic bounds of all the shapes.
FeatureType Point, Line or Polygon.
Filename The string filename, ending with a .shp for shapefiles.
IndexMode True if the Features list has not yet been created.
M An array of double M values if CoordinateType is M or Z.
Shapeindices A list of ShapeRange objects for cycling parts and vertices.
Vertex The array of interleaved X, Y coordinates like X1, Y1, X2, Y2 … Xn, Yn
Z The array of Z coordinates if CoordinateType is Z.
AddShape Adds a single Shape to the end of the FeatureSet.
AddShapes Adds multiple shapes to the end of the FeatureSet.
CopyTableSchema Copies column name and type information from a DataTable or FeatureSet
GetFeature Translates a Shape of the specified index into an IFeature.
GetShape Gets the Shape at the specified index.
Open Opens the specified file, shapefiles should end in .shp.
RemoveShapeAt Removes the shape from the specified index location.
RemoveShapesAt Removes multiple shapes, given the index locations.
Reproject Reprojects the vertices stored in-ram.  This does not update the file.
SaveAs Saves the in-ram content to a file using the extension to pick a format.
Select Selects features based on the specified geographic extent.
SelectIndexByAttribute Retrieves the feature index values for matching attributes.
SelectIndices Selects the shapes using index values.
UpdateExtent Updates cached extents for shapes or the FeatureSet after changes.

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