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FeatureSetEM contains extension methods that should work for any IFeatureSet


Name Description
Method Buffer Creates a new polygon featureset that is created by buffering each of the individual shapes.
MethodBlue CombinedFields Generates an empty featureset that has the combined fields from this featureset and the specified featureset.
Method Dissolve Calculates a union of any features that have a common value in the specified field. The output will only contain the specified field. Example: Disolving a county shapefile based on state name to produce a single polygon shaped like the state.
MethodBlue Intersection This tests each feature of the input
Method Intersects Tests to see if this feature intersects with the specified envelope
MethodBlue UnionShapes This method will create a new IFeatureSet with the the shapes that intersect merged into single shapes, or else it will return a new featureset where EVERY shape is unioned into a single, multi-part shape.

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