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// See comments below this code for an updated version.

// define the feature type for this file
FeatureSet fs = new FeatureSet( FeatureType.Polygon );

// Add Some Columns
fs.DataTable.Columns.Add( new DataColumn( "ID", typeof( int )));
fs.DataTable.Columns.Add( new DataColumn( "Text", typeof( string )));

// create a geometry (square polygon)
List<Coordinate> vertices = new List<Coordinate>();

vertices.Add(new Coordinate(0, 0));
vertices.Add(new Coordinate(0, 100));
vertices.Add(new Coordinate(100, 100));
vertices.Add(new Coordinate(100, 0));
Polygon geom = new Polygon(vertices);

// add the geometry to the featureset. 
IFeature feature = fs.AddFeature(geom);

// now the resulting features knows what columns it has
// add values for the columns
feature.DataRow["ID"] = 1;
feature.DataRow["Text"] = "Hello World";
feature.DataRow.EndEdit(); // save the feature set fs.SaveAs("d:\\test.shp", true);

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