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rasterbased spatial analysis in DOTSpatial project

Apr 19, 2015 at 9:26 PM
Hi there,
I've done some projects in DOTSpatial mainly dealing with vector data.

In my new project I need to do some rasterbased spatial analysis (neighborhood, euclidean distance, raster algebra).
I've spent some time to find a .NET API that provides all the functions I need.

But now I think there's no way other than using GRASS GIS Raster Modules.
So there's three options:
  1. Building a QGIS Plugin
  2. Building a standalone UI based on wxPython / tcl / tk
  3. (my favourite): trying to use Grass functionality in a DOTSpatial project
My questions are:
does anyone know a .NET API with spatial analysis functions
or does anybody know if it's possible to compile GRASS source code so that it has .NET bindings that can be referenced in my DOTSpatial project
or has anybody successfully called Grass Python scripts from within a DOTSpatial Project?

I'm looking forward to any answer!