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How to put the Point Style/Point Symbol into a Shapefile

Jul 24, 2014 at 12:56 PM
Hello guys,

In your eyes this question may appear a bit funny/easy, but I tried for so long now, that I finally have to ask at the forum.

My wish is to export a shapefile filled with points which i extract out of a csv-file.
My problem is, that I cannot manage to define a point style (e.g.: size=5, color=green),
so that when I open the shapefile in any other GIS it will be displayed the same way (size=5, color=green).

Can someone please give me a helpful answer to my problem?
I already searched the documentation for some days, but weren't able to find
any matching post to my problem

Jul 24, 2014 at 2:18 PM
It's not possible to save the point size and color of a point in a point shapefile and have the points look that way in every GIS program without doing something to the shapefile in each GIS program.

You have to edit the symbology of the shapefile in each program to show what you want.
If you have only one size and color just edit the point that is shown in the legend when you add the layer to the map. If you want to use more than one size/color go to the Properties of the layer and edit its symbology.

If you edit the symbology in Dotspatial you can save the legend to project file (.dspx) and if you open the project file again your symbology is still there. In ArcGis you save the symbology to a file that ends with .lyr and in QGIS you save it to a file that ends with .qlr. Because those file types are not compatible, you can't move them from one program to the other.