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Labeling a Line Shapefile

Feb 15, 2013 at 8:54 PM
I'm new to Dotspatial and am having a bit of trouble,. I figured what I was trying to do would be very simple based on what I have read but am not having any luck. I have a need to provide a small static viewer for some GIS data. Basically I have a plat map for a city with a separate roads file and two other shape files. I need to load these 4-5 layers into this viewer and allow the user to pan, zoom and identify.

I started off by setting all the layers up in Mapwindow and saving them exactly as I wanted them to be displayed in a mapwindow project file. never could get it to display even one layer and after opening the .mwprj file.

I then moved to loading and setting the display attributes separately for each layer which is working but the labeling is a nightmare. While mapwindow seems to handle duplicate labels very well DotSpatial can not seem to duplicate the results. Since one is written using the other I must be missing something.

Is there anyone who could help either with code to load a mwprj file or help with removing duplicate labels?

Thanks in advance,