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How to override actions in MenuBar

Dec 11, 2012 at 3:36 AM

In my prior message I expressed my frustration with using my own IHeaderControl instead of the MenuBar; namely, the definitions of these controls must reside in the EXE assembly rather than the class library, and once NuGet downloads the packages, it is pretty hard to fix the application.

Anyway, if I want to place all my code into a plugin so I can utilize the DS plugin architecture and just do things the DS-way, I have encountered another issue. Now, the File | Open menu calls code to use the FileOpenDialog using the .dspx file filter. I need to override that (due to .dspx problems described in prior message) so I can also load using my own routine). 

Does anyone know how to override that File | Open action or intercept it? I know I could just replace the MenuBar plugin with a modified one of my own, but I can't just subclass it (and user overrides), I'd actually have to replace it.

Any ideas?