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About Load GDAL libray on DotSpatial 1.2

Oct 16, 2012 at 7:23 AM

Hi all.

I'm new in dotspatial.According to the tutorial, I have made it to load GDAL libray. But I have some problems which have puzzled me long time.

That is when I run the project in Visual Studio2010 ,it will popup a dialog box:Downloading a ribbon extension.. then I press the "OK".After a while ,it popup another dialog box:Downloading a DockManager extension...Then I press the "OK" . Another dialog box:Downloading a MenuBar extension...I still press "OK". But  i've got 3 messages where i need to accept before the app is starting:

"A IDockManager Extension must be included"    

"A IHeaderControl Extension must be included"  

"A IStatusManager Extension must be included"


After pressing "OK",the program will run normally.

But when I run the program every time, I have to do the action as above.

I have unblocked the DotSpatial 1.2, But the problem is still there.

Can anyone help me ?