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Jul 2, 2012 at 7:37 PM

My point-based datatable consists of two columns:  IDENT and TYPE.  I've succeeded in displaying the points and associated labels using both fonts and images, but so far, they're mutually exclusive.  I tried the example in the "Developer's Corner" manual (page 41) with no success.  I need to vary the symbols and labels based on TYPE.  For example:

Type A - Symbol should be displayed using a font with a color of Magenta.  The label should also be Magenta

Type N - Symbol should be displayed using an image with a label color of Cyan.  (The image is already drawn in Cyan.)

The remaining 5 types are variations of A & N above with differing font faces, types, and sizes for both the symbol and label.

I am not using the built-in PointShapes because none of them suit my requirements.