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thematic analysis

May 19, 2012 at 9:38 AM
Edited May 19, 2012 at 9:46 AM

I want to do a thematic analysis of the fields on a database.
I have a request that I list all the values ​​present in the map.

I loop through a list of all values ​​and I created a CATEGORY.

How to change the color?
The result, it covers only the last color, the legend is true, but the card is false?
Thank you for acance,

Here's the code:


       Dim Olayer As MapPolygonLayer
        If e.Item.Tag = "NUM_PRECEDE" Then
            Olayer = CType(Map1.Layers(0), MapPolygonLayer)
            Dim Oschema As New PolygonScheme
            Dim RsPrec = DB.PsAnalyseThematiqueGroupeJournalPrecedent(m_lAnnee, m_lImport)
            For Each OObjPrec In RsPrec

                Dim oCategory As New PolygonCategory(Color.AliceBlue, Color.Black, 1)
                Dim sFiltre As String = "[NUM_PRECEDE] = '" & OObjPrec.Précédent & "'"
                oCategory.FilterExpression = sFiltre
                oCategory.LegendText = "Précédent : " & OObjPrec.Précédent

            Olayer.Symbology = Oschema
        End If