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TFS Source control in place / Work items archived

Feb 2, 2012 at 9:11 PM
Edited Mar 2, 2012 at 12:37 AM

As part of the switch to TFS (which happened today), the work items were reset. This means that links in discussion posts prior to today might be broken. That is an inconvenience, however, I was able to capture a snapshot of the open work items, so that we can still act on your suggestions. We asked the codeplex team if they would be able to preserve our issue and source revision history, but they were not able to do this.

Because of the change (note this forum is really the only way I have to reach all the developers), contributors should switch over to TFS immediately. Even though SVN is "available" we do not recommend our using it except to make simple changes to a single file. Jiri is updating the documentation to describe how to get the latest source code and use TFS.

If you have a copy of the Mercurial repository, you may of course keep it as the history information may be of use to you.

Source Management

We are really excited to have the opportunity to use TFS on this project now, and to be releasing V1.

With the Release of version 1.0 we ask that all potentially breaking changes be reserved until the creation of v1.1. This means, instead of using a breaking change, like renaming a method, you would use a non-breaking change, such as adding a compiler warning and the new method. Then, in the next version, we can remove the old method. By following this pattern for all breaking changes we will enable other developers to be able to get up to speed more easily.The compiler warnings that affect their code will be shown to them and they won't have to read a long list of breaking changes while trying to determine what would affect them.

Also, we will be able to branch the project so that we could apply fixes to the 1.0 branch while continuing development. This allows bringing the bug fix back without introducing new (potentially buggy) features. If this becomes needed, the release versions are labeled, so the correct changeset to branch from can be found.

Work Item Management

Another feature of using TFS is that we will be able to create and modify work items from within Visual Studio. Our default behavior will be to mark resolved or mark fixed any work items that a changeset fixes. If you feel an issue remains after the work item was closed, you can of course reopen it.