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How to create Voronoi graph with Topology.Voronoi?

Jan 13, 2012 at 6:48 AM

Hi, I'm trying to create voronoi graph and have some questions:
Fortune.ComputeVoronoiGraph(Double[]) method description says about HandleBoundaries method in the Voronoi class, I can't find it, is it obsolete?
VoronoiEdge class properties IsInfinite and IsPartlyInfinite are always false even if VVertexB.X and Y is NaN, and FixedPoint is always equal to VVertexA, when edge vector is infinite the DirectionVector is equal to NaN, is this class brocken or am I doing something wrong?
Also IsPartlyInfinite property description says about extending graph to the bounding box, how do I create such box? Could someone describe graph building process step by step please? Many thanks in advance.