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Dec 20, 2011 at 12:59 PM

In my work of implementing WebControl I need to rasterize the map on an image to sending them via HTTP. At present I simply use Map Object, but Map is derived from System.Windows.Forms.UserControl and load a Windows.Forms in a HTTP service is not correct

So I'm thinking of develop a GDIMap ( good name ?): a class that simply reads some layer and renders the layer list on a Bitmap and that just uses System.Drawing.

May be a class like this is interesting for using DotSpatial in environement that does not uses Foms (GTK#, MonoDROID, MonoIOS) but this must be investigated.

There is some other people interested in this develop ? Can we work together on this ?

So I'm reading the code of DotSpatial more in depth.

I was attempting to write something like

class GDIMap : IMap


But in IMap I was Finding that implements Cursor that is obviously defined in Windows.Forms.


  • Is it possible place Cursor directely in Map class and remove Windows.Forms use in classes under IMap  ?
  • There is other Members of IMap with the same problem ?

Many thanks