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SatelliteSignalBar question...

Sep 8, 2011 at 3:00 PM

I've been working with the sample app in the "Compact" directory. I've been able to get most things working well but I had an issue trying the get the SatelliteSignalViewer to work and wanted to see where I am going wrong.

Initially I would see nothing on the SatelliteSignalViewer.

Then I noticed this code block in the "OnPaintOffScreen" function:

// Don't draw if the satellite is stale
if (!satellite.IsActive && !DesignMode)
 //Add it in

What I noticed was that the satellite.IsActive was always false. 

satellite.IsActive has two parts to it:

1) _IsFixed (which is always false) 

2)  SignalAge.TotalSeconds < 10   This always is false for me. It appears that LastSignalReceived is never updated from when its initialized in the Satellite constructor to a value of DateTime.MinValue

Can someone tell me if these are bugs in the code or if I am just using this control incorrectly?

Once i commented out the if block(shown above) i get a display showing the satellites with signal bars.