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Breaking change to IFeatureSource

Jun 29, 2011 at 10:27 PM

I doubt if anyone else is using IFeatureSource, but I just made a slight breaking change to it.  If you were using the ShapeFileFeatureSource constructors that took the "useSpatialIndexing" argument, you will now need to supply an additional argument "trackDeletedRows".  To get the behavior before pass 'false'.  The advantage to passing 'true' is a performance improvement using IFeatureSource if you have deleted features in the underlying shapefile or if you will be deleting features via IFeatureSource.  The disadvantage is a slight increase in memory consumption that is proportional to the number of deleted records (it maintains a List<int> for deleted row numbers).  Hope this didn't cause any inconvenience, but I didn't want to add more overloaded constructors.