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Create a Raster, but only in memory

Feb 24, 2011 at 12:04 PM

Hi, everybody.

I'm trying to develop a small application that uses the control "Map" to represent a terrain grid that my program generates at runtime.

I do not care to keep the grid on the hard drive, as I have in a proprietary format of the application, just want to see them represented.

Now, to add the grids to "MAP" control I have to create an object IRaster, I've seen it need a file name (if the file exists before it is removed, danger!!!.) to create the grid, but: How I can generate a iRaster without to use the hard disk at all?. I've seen that I can use directly BgdRaster:

public BgdRaster(int numRows, int numColumns)

But do not quite understand how i can use it correctly, nor have I found example code on their use.

Can anyone help?