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New DotSpatial Release (12 Feb 2011)

Feb 15, 2011 at 5:48 PM

Hi DotSpatial Team,

I took the liberty of  building and posting a new release of DotSpatial : (2/12/2011) on the Downloads page.

This was required for a GIS programming class exercise (working with rasters) because the 12/15/2010 release didn't support GDAL rasters in the 'x86 Framework 4.0' setup.

I didn't label it as recommended release because some features  haven't been properly tested.

What is the recommendation for posting new DotSpatial releases?

Is there a testing protocol to complete before marking it as 'recommended release'?

Feb 15, 2011 at 7:58 PM

Hi Jiri =).  In an ideal world we would set up a batch of unit tests and only "push on green" (if it passes all the tests).  At this stage, we do have some unit tests, but they will likely all be passed.  So the strategy is if it passes the few unit tests we have (I believe Mathew created a specific solution with tests) then you are good to post it as recommended.   At this point the community will tell you what broke.  If you decide that anything that is broken is worse than the version before it, then you should remove the recommended tag, then write a unit test to confirm the issue, fix the issue, ensure that all tests are green, and then push on green and create a new release, and mark the fixed new release as the recommended release.  I recommend a release cycle of no more than about once per week though or you will spend all your time creating them.