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Doing DotSpatial in Visual C# 2010 Express: I can't reproduce my project in the step for getting Map Layers of "Legend"/tab Page1 and change Map to Map1 in the "Map"/Panel2

Feb 4, 2011 at 7:43 PM

Hi all,

I tried to reproduce “Getting DotSpatial started in Visual C# 2010 Express”: I launched a new project, I got to spatialToolStrip1, spatialStatusStrip1 => Panel2 for Map, and => Panel1 for TabControl; ”Legend” & “ToolBox”…….., but I can't get Map Layers of "Legend"/tab Page1 and change Map to Map1 in the "Map"/Panel2!!! In my note, I has “LayoutPropertyGrid”, “Select” Menu, changing the “none” property of Map to Map1 for getting Map Layers appeared on the “Legend”/tab Page1.   But I can not see the “Map1” (nothing!)below the “none” of Map!!!??? I am completely lost here now. Please kindly help and tell me the logic (and steps in setting the right properties)) of linking the “Map”/Panel2 to the “Legend” on tab Page1 for getting the “Map Layers” appeared.   Please respond and enlighten me to overcome this difficulty.




      Scott Chang  

Feb 7, 2011 at 1:12 PM

I got it - After the "Map" of DotSpatial was dragged to Panel2, the "Legend" of DotSpatial should be dragged to the "Legend" of tabPage1, and the Map property on the Panel2 should be changed to map1 to make "Map Layers" appeared.

Scott Chang