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Trouble Shooting Tools/Plugins that don't appear.

Sep 29, 2010 at 5:46 PM

If you have just created a custom App (plugin), ITool, or DataExtension, and for some reason it doesn't appear as it should, it can be frustrating tracking down the problem.  The key is that these elements work on a run-time discovery model, and so it is imperative that the underlying reference that defines the interface is the same physical dll.  When you build your project, look at the references to ensure that "CopyLocal" is set to false.  For projects that simply use the DotSpatial libraries, this isn't critical, and in fact having CopyLocal true lets you move your project around.  However, for these run-time discovery packages to work, if this value is set to true, then the interface being referenced by the extension is actually different (a different dll file) than the one that is being used by the application itself.  This mismatch is enough to prevent your plug-in or tool from appearing in the toolbox or the app dialog etc.