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If group layer is unchecked, children should not be visible


I'm open to discussion on this behavior, but I think if a group layer is unchecked, then checking a child should not display the child. Currently, even if a parent is unchecked, checking a child will show the child in the map.

To reproduce this behavior:
  1. Make sure you have at least one theme in your database.
  2. Uncheck Themes in Map Layers.
  3. Toggle the check box next to your theme name under the Themes group layer.
Even though Themes is unchecked, placing a check next to the theme name will show the theme.
Closed Feb 28 at 9:04 AM by jany_
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Shade1974 wrote Nov 28, 2010 at 3:17 AM

I'd rather not see you unable to check the layer just because the group is unchecked. However, I think one other suggestion that has come up somewhere is changing the group check to an in-between state of a box if you check on sub-members. Then, if you click on the box, it should behave as though you were turning all the layers on and show a check. This is a fairly complex add for a very small benefit. So I will leave this open, but this is very low on my list.