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Save Projection of MapFrame to .dspx project file


The information about projection and coordinate system of the current map frame should be serialized to the .dspx project file. Currently the ProjectionInfo is not serialized resulting in setting the map projection to "unknown" or "wgs84" when opening an existing project. When opening project, if the .dspx file contains projection information, the projection of the map should be set to the projection specified in the .dspx file. I suggest serializing the ProjectionInfo using its public members or using the EsriString property.

This is an important feature, because we'll have many different projects and each project may require a different projection.
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mudnug wrote Mar 27, 2011 at 5:24 AM

Should this be an esri style string or proj4 style? Are we at risk of losing some information in both cases and need a new format?