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Is this a bug in DotSpatial.WebControls?


I have a shp file which is exported by dxf file. I add the shp file to GDIMap and run the WebDemo,These is no map show in the WebMap control. I click the ZoomIn buttom,then throw the System.OverflowException.

The error in GDIMapFrame.cs
public Point ProjToPixel( Coordinate location){...}
params:  location.x=NaN,location.y=NaN
I modify the code in GDIMap.cs like this:
public IMapLayer AddLayer(string fileName)
        IDataSet dataSet = DataManager.DefaultDataManager.OpenFile(fileName);
        //if (dataSet.Projection != Projection)
        if (!dataSet.Projection.Equals(Projection)) {
        return Layers.Add(dataSet);
    Now shp file is show in webmap control. Is this a bug?

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Tummi wrote May 29, 2012 at 9:53 AM

Yes. It is a bug.