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Steering Committee Decisions

Our steering committee generally makes decisions by discussion (email or otherwise) and mutual assent. The project manager is tasked with identifying points of consensus or at least strong agreement. Not every committee member will agree with every decision, but the decisions listed here are those which the project manager has identified as "settled".
  1. The name of the project is officially "the DotSpatial project" (spelled with upper case D and S).
  2. The software developed by the DotSpatial project is called "DotSpatial" or "the DotSpatial framework"
  3. The DotSpatial software is rooted in the namespace "DotSpatial"
  4. The current accepted logo for the DotSpatial project is shown in the header of the DotSpatial CodePlex site (
  5. The current accepted vision statement is shown on the home page of the DotSpatial CodePlex site (
  6. The current accepted set of design principles is shown in the Design Principles page on the DotSpatial CodePlex site.

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