This project is read-only. is a library package manager, with a repository on codeplex. Basically, it should have been maven for Visual Studio and .Net projects

Even though it's not, we should publish official releases as packages, and host a development repository.

To Test: SupportFiles/Nuget/nuget.exe pack "DotSpatialCore_x86.nuspec" /BasePath Debug

Present thoughts:
adding to the build syster
  • Beg, plead for Hydrodesktop to use this system.

  • added nuget.exe to SupportFile/Nuget
  • version number needs to be valid version like number (eg 1.1.0 not 1.0.0 beta)
  • command will be: SupportFiles/Nuget/nuget.exe pack "DotSpatialCore_x86.nuspec" /BasePath $(Configuration)
  • add mime map to IIS: nupkg


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