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FeatureSetWhiteShadow The FeatureSet class has a lot of power collected within it, but for getting started, this breakdown itemizes some of the most straight forward elements.  Like Raster and ImageData, FeatureSet inherits from the DataSet class, and so gains some common characteristics related to geographic Extent and Reprojection.
FeatureSetEditModeA2 Indicates whether the DataTable is filled with attributes.
FeatureSetEditModeA3 Indicates whether M or Z values exist.
FeatureSetEditModeA4 A standard System.Data.DataTable loaded with the attributes for the features.
FeatureSetEditModeA5 The Geographic Extent of the data.
FeatureSetEditModeA6 The list of vector and attribute pairings.  Accessing this will set IndexMode to false.
FeatureSetEditModeA7 Point, Line or Polygon.
FeatureSetEditModeA8 The string filename.  Ends in .shp for shapefiles.
FeatureSetEditModeA9 True if only the vertex array is loaded and the Features list is not created yet.
FeatureSetEditModeA12 Copies the column names and types from other tables or FeatureSets.
FeatureSetEditModeA13 Forces the attributes to be loaded into memory.
FeatureSetEditModeA14 Call this to update the vertex array after changing Feature coordinates.
FeatureSetEditModeA15 Opens a new file.  Shapefiles should opened using the *.shp file.
FeatureSetEditModeA16 Reprojects the vertices in memory to a new coordinate system.
FeatureSetEditModeA17 Saves the in memory content to a different file.
FeatureSetEditModeA18 Uses a geographic extent to select only the features in that extent.
FeatureSetEditModeA19 Uses a string Where expression as a filter to return matching features.
FeatureSetEditModeA21 Geographic selection that returns the feature index instead of the features.
FeatureSetEditModeA22 Refreshes any cached extents after features have been changed.

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