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Beginner Vector Classes

There is nothing stopping you from working with advanced classes, but even if we fully documented the entire project it would leave new users without really knowing where to get started.  The main class for working with vectors is the FeatureSet.  An individual vector and attribute combination is a Feature.  If you know those basic things then you can do almost anything you need to get started.  A very important aspect of the FeatureSet class is that it can behave two different ways.  In IndexMode, the FeatureSet assumes that all your shapes are nicely ordered and will keep track of them with an integer index.  This takes up less memory and is much faster than doing the same calculations with a Feature, but the trade off is the classes you use are not as easy to work with.  The FeatureSet has more access methods on it for advanced users, but the following diagrams are all about pulling out and explaining the basics.
FeatureSet FeatureSet IndexMode FeatureSetExt Extent
FeatureList Feature FeatureExt Vertex

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