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Toolbox Control


The toolbox control is an extensible tree-view of geoprocessing functions that have been wrapped in the ITool interface. The toolbox is capable of recognizing ITool implementations in the "Tools" directory in your executable path. In order to add your own tools, just implement the ITool interface, build your dll and place that library in the Tools directory. The DotSpatial.Tools.dll is a preloaded set of geoprocessing functions that show examples of how to create tools that can run routines on rasters or vectors.

Adding the Toolbox
The toolbox appears under the name "ToolManager". In order to add the ToolManager to your list of tools in the VisualStudio toolbox, you must first right click in the Visual Studio toolbox and select "Choose Items", and then use the "Browse" option in order to find the DotSpatial.Controls.dll. Then you need to drag and drop the ToolManager onto your project. Since the view can get crowded with a map, legend and toolbox all open at once, it is useful to set up tabs, allowing different modes of operation.

Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why are there no tools in my toolbox?
    • The DotSpatial.Tools.dll must be found in the Tools folder in your output directory.
    • Make sure that the Tools dll and your application are built for the same x86/x64 platform.
    • Make sure there are no duplicate copies of the other DotSpatial libraries in your Tools folder.
*Who created the toolbox
  • Brian Marchionni created the ToolManager, the Print Dialog, and the Model Builder controls.

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