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The ribbon control is a simple but fairly effective tool for displaying a modern Microsoft Office style ribbon on a shoestring budget. We have assimilated the code base so that it can be properly versioned and maintained as DotSpatial advanced to .Net version 4.0. Some minor improvements created here are an additional design time link that allows the addition of buttons or other controls to an element container without having to add them in code. The ribbon consists of a tab layout with various buttons or other elements on each tab. The sleek appearance relies on unmanaged api calls and Windows Vista or better generation operating systems that support aero-glass. I believe the control will function in other environments, but simply not appear as elegant.

The ribbon control is a control that we absorbed like the borg. The contents of what may be the earliest form of the ribbon control that we can find can be found at The license was the Microsoft Public License (Ms-PL). A 3.5 version of the ribbon control, and the source for this library were found from a separate code updater here: where he sites José Manuel Menéndez Poo, as the original author, and this is the user name for the above. A copy of the license can be found here: Any use of this control should comply with both our license and the original license, though comments throughout specify that as long as José Manuel Menéndez Poo gets credit for his effort, he is happy to accommodate various free licensing arrangements. The earlier versions should not be considered to have any connection with our MIT license arrangement or the DotSpatial project.

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