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DotSpatial SDK Style Documentation

Library Specific Documentation

Which Libraries Have Documentation and Are Downloadable

The goal of the DotSpatial framework is to increase code re-usability by subdividing a fully working GIS framework down into smaller, specialized components.  Part of that process involves the separation of the
System.Windows.Forms dependent GUI layer from the business layer.  The major libraries are shown below. 

Framework Libraries
Namespace Contents Available Docs
DotSpatial.Analysis WhiteBox and some functions from MapWindow    
DotSpatial.Data Data access objects for FeatureSet, Raster, & Images. 
DotSpatial.Data.Rasters.GdalExtension optional GDAL support for image and raster files.  
DotSpatial.Modeling Place holder for non-GUI modeling code    
DotSpatial.Positioning GeoFrameworks 2 and GPS.NET 3  
DotSpatial.Projections Proj4 
DotSpatial.Serialization XML serialization code for saving projects.  
DotSpatial.Symbology Layers, Cartographic Symbolizers  
DotSpatial.Topology NetTopologySuite/JavaTopologySuite Topology methods.

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