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Unable to download SDK documentation

May 18 at 6:36 AM
I am trying to download the SDK file from this web page -

But the webpage could not be found.

Are there any other sources from where I can download the DotSpatial 1.7 SDK.

Thanks in advance
May 18 at 7:40 AM
There is no 1.7 SDK. The one you tried to download was for 1.0.
May 19 at 7:26 AM
Thanks for replying.

Do you know where I can download the SDK for DotSpatial 1.0?

The link above does not work and I couldn't find the SDK anywhere else.

Thanks again.
May 19 at 5:47 PM
No idea whether the 1.0 file can be found somewhere.

But if you're not set on using the old version you could have a look at the DotSpatial 2.0 chm file.
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May 22 at 5:39 AM
Edited May 22 at 5:40 AM
Thanks for the sdk file.

Can you tell which version is on this page: ?
May 22 at 6:27 AM
That's 2.0. For now there is only a beta release on nuget and you can get the latest dlls from master from the links section from the main page.
Have a look at the switching guide to see what changed between the release here and the one on github.
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