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Error in BluetoothDevice.Refresh using a new Windows 10 install

Mar 31 at 4:01 PM
I am getting an 'Input Parameter is incorrect' when DotSpatial is looking for a Bluetooth device that is providing GPS data - it only seems to happen on a new Windows 10 install, not on an upgrade from Windows 7 (those are the two cases we have).
// Make an API call to retrieve information for the device
NativeMethods2.BluetoothDeviceInfo info = new NativeMethods2.BluetoothDeviceInfo(_address.ToInt64());

int errorCode = NativeMethods2.BluetoothGetDeviceInfo(BluetoothRadio.Current.Handle, ref info);

According to Microsoft documentation, the error is indicating that the second parameter that is being passed in is null.

Hoping someone can provide some insight here =)