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Recommendation for using Mapwindow Active X or DotSpatial or MapWindowDev6 or MapwindowDev4 ???

May 1, 2015 at 7:16 PM
I need to ask a few questions which is the most important as far new developers are concerned.

-- I Need Three Functionalities in my project.
  • When i draw a line on map, it should extract its length in km in to another form. i m Using WGS1984 Coordinate system.
  • I need to do masking of the layers. put some condition on the line tool.
  • All the line and other activities should save as a project in its default extension.
I am confused which one to use? how to install?
I have downloaded all the repositories for all the Development options avaiable.
keeping in view my functionalities, What should be best for me? and how should i start?
thanks. .