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Mac branch notes and questions

Jan 11, 2015 at 5:34 PM
I finally had a chance recently to take a look at the new Mac branch. Looks very interesting. Here's a short list of notes and questions I came up with.

  1. Will Trunk and MacCompatability [sic] branch be merged at some point? If not, how to merge recent Trunk commits into Mac branch?
  2. Can only get DemoMapMac.csproj to build with Xamarin Studio if add DotSpatial assembly references manually.
  3. DemoMapMac: Use normal MainMenu.xib created with a new MonoMac project instead of manually adding menu in code.
  4. Should DemoMapMac (or similar example) be document-based the way most Mac apps are (eg, even Xcode can open multiple projects simulaneously)?
  5. Do any of the plugins other than GdalExtension work with MonoMac app? Or does each plugin's UI need to be rewritten for MonoMac? Eg, do we need a Legend control in DotSpatial.Controls.MonoMac that subclasses NSView ala the MonoMac Map control?
  6. Commit latest MonoMac.dll (Xamarin Studio's MonoMac.dll is dated Dec. 2014)?