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Form's control not updating

Jul 7, 2014 at 8:31 AM

I am trying to develop my application based on DotSpatial(Windows Application); its quite similar to demomap.exe . I have added appmanager, header control and other required control including map in my windows application. I have been able to bind them together so they understand each other thorugh appmanager.

Using Shapefile editor plugin, i am trying to update two textboxes on mouse move event. I am able to perform this if i create a new form and show it; however on my parent form (on which the map is located) textboxes are not being updated.

similarly, if i try to retrieve the coordinate of any point and try to show it in textbox on the form, textbox is not being updated (however, debugging shows that value is being assigned to textbox)

what can be the possible reason and resolution?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.