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May 1, 2013 at 3:31 PM
I am using DS in a major project and would like to consider testing the upgrade. The version I have from Nuget is denoted but I don't think the DLL versions are reflected correctly.

Is there a place where I can review what changes have been associated with each of the new versions?


Chris Wilson
May 1, 2013 at 10:40 PM
Looks like they've neglected to update the assembly versions in the various AssemblyInfo.cs files so it's impossible to tell from any given .dll what release it belongs to - kind of defeats the purpose of version numbers.

Click History on the Source Code tab here to see the commit notes if you can't find anything else. That might give you an idea of what's changed.


May 3, 2013 at 6:01 PM
Phil and Chris, yes indeed, the version numbers haven't been maintained well. There are actually 3 version numbers we can apply on each assembly. "AssemblyVersion" is the version that is used for other files (i.e. your exe) to reference. These numbers aren't supposed to change often because it requires the users of the DLLs to re-reference them every time they change. Those numbers were locked into a version for a long time so that people could just pop in a new dll without having to re-do the references.

Moving forward we will increment this value in all the DLL's every time there is a 1.x new release so that all experimental and recommended releases of the same 1.x can be used without having to re-reference the DLL's. In other words, all versions of 1.5 will have AssemblyVersion set to 1.5.

There is another setting "AssemblyFileVersion" which is the version that shows up in the file properties dialog box in Windows and is also the version that setup programs use to determine if there is a later version. In the current experimental release I numbered this all as 1.5.1. Later experimental releases will be 1.5.2 etc. When we get to a stable one (say for example 1.5.11) then that will be tagged as the recommended release and new versions will carry 1.6.x.

There is yet another setting called AssemblyInformationalVersion that also is shown in windows explorer and that is where we are flagging releases as experiemntal or recommended. (see here:

In any case this is an approach we've been using on HydroDesktop for a year+ now and it's working really well. So we'll try the same thing here and see how it goes.

Chris, as for getting a list of changes since 1.4... we're going to have to put together a list, but for now you could just look at the issue tracker for issues closed in the last few months and that would give some indication...
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