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Adding angle to labels

Apr 22, 2013 at 1:43 PM
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to give an angle to each label created from a Raster file.

Each cell of this raster file is the angle value needed to the point that represents. This is used to represent the direction of water in my project.

The code i used to create de point featureType is this:

Public Sub CreatePointFeatures(ByVal rstArrow As DotSpatial.Data.IRaster, ByRef fPoints As FeatureSet)
    Dim feat As Feature
    Dim nRows As Integer
    Dim nCols As Integer

    nRows = rstArrow.NumRows
    nCols = rstArrow.NumColumns
    For i = 0 To nRows - 1
        For j = 0 To nCols - 1
            feat = New Feature(clsGisFunctions.getCoordsFromPixel(i, j, rstArrow))
            feat = fPoints.AddFeature(feat)
            feat.DataRow("Direction") = rstArrow.Value(i, j)
            feat.DataRow("Symbol") = "→"
            feat = Nothing
End Sub
Is it possible to give a direction to each single point in fpoints????

If i use this instruction:
Map1.AddLabels(lyr, "[Symbol]", New Font("Arial", 10, FontStyle.Bold), Color.Black)

every label takes the same angle but i need a different angle for each label...

How can i do it?

Thanks so much