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Loading Adjoining GeoTiff Maps

Dec 8, 2012 at 11:05 PM

I've been trying to load multiple FAA Sectional Charts into a single map control to make a single chart covering a larger area.  Each chart is made up of 2 GeoTiff files that load and align very well using the Map.AddLayer(filename) on each of the files.  These files are created using a Lambert Conformal Conic Projection.  The problem comes when I'm trying to load the next set of 2 files (the adjacent chart).  I am looking at the DotSpatial source code to try to figure out exactly how the AddLayer method works to position each image in the Map control, to no avail.

I am hoping that I can expand the extent of the Map to include both charts and adjust the appropriate values in each layer so they are positioned correctly in the Map control.   Any other approach would be fine as well.

 I would appreciate any help anyone can give me in getting multiple maps to load into a single Map Control.