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How to use DevExpress Ribbon & other Controls instead of the DotSpatial Ribbon Control, MenuBar

Oct 23, 2012 at 1:15 AM

My question is How to use DevExpress Ribbon & other control instead of the DotSpatial Ribbon control, menubar and other controls used in Dotspatial source code.

Because i created a new form and drag a Dotspatial [Map], [Legend], [AppManager] and DevExpress [Ribbon], [DockManager] and other Devexpress controls. I successfully link the map with the legend and i created a Ribbon Buttons like the buttons in the DotSpatial MenuBar extension and also i successfully link these buttons with all map functions such as (zoom in, out, pan, ...).

But my problem is when developing a new plugin that loads a new form, this form has a button that draw a rectangle on the map in the main form. I could not load this plugin in to from application which it should fire when i press a Ribbon Button from the devexpress ribbon control.

I know in the Dotspatial Source you load whole the interface dynamically, but i want to use the DevExpress control manually to have more power to control the interface rather than imaging the new plugin where it will load its button on the dotspatial ribbon.

So please i want to know how to use a custom plugin - that i developed - into my Main Form like in the DotSpatial source but without using the Dotspatial (Header Control, DockManager, MenuBar) and using the DevExpress Controls instead.


Thanks very much in advance.