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Animating maps based on database values

Oct 8, 2012 at 9:18 AM

Hi all,

Here is the below link to my requirement

1. The image map should be loaded from a database /stream etc...
2. On entering values in search box , it should query the database and zoom to that coordinate,and fill up the results on the left hand side
3. On querying the status, the total villages belonging to this status should be displayed on the map
4. On clicking the coordinates of the villages on the map ,the left result should be displayed.
5. We should be able to update the status , name ,coordinates of the village selected.
6. We should also be able to add new village.

Here are my progress so far:

1. I have the reqrmt.psd (photoshop file) , the flatten image  reqrmt.jpg.

2. I used QGIS to load this raster image  reqrmt.jpg and using GeoReferencer , i generate reqrmt.tiff file <size 123 mb> and using this tiff file i generate shapefile try4.shp <size 900MB>

I used georeferencer so that i can get the actual lat/long of my map.

3.When i try to load this shapefile it is not able to load, my VS hangs.I tried loading in MapWindow also , it also hangs.

4. My tables in the database consist of the following

VillageTable :  VillageName,Coordinates,Status,Information

LineTable: CoordinatesOne,CoordinatesTwo,Color

My question is :

1. What should be the format of my map ? So that i can see the lat/long of the map and start doing the following.

2. Based on the VillageTable , i should plot points in my map and display the name of the vilalge? What api call should be used in this case

3. Based on LineTable, i should draw line between the two coordinates and with the specifiy color? What api call should be used here?

My main problem is the format of my map?

Any hints/pointers is greatly appreciated


Thanks in advance,