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Mar 22, 2012 at 4:42 AM

Good morning

I have been developping several WinForms applications using MapWinGIS and with DotSpatial.

I need now to set up a webmapping application using and would really like to continue using DotSpatial for its convenience targeting SQL Server spatial data.

I saw on your website home page that DotSpatial has been developped to display a map in a .NET Windows Forms or Web application but unfortunately, after several tries using VS 2010 and the dotspatial extended stable library, i didn't succeed getting any map in my page.

In VS2010 with .net 4 framework, I tried to add references or to add items in the toolbox but no DotSpatial tools appears while for a WinForm, it works perfectly.

Anyone could give some directions/exemples in order to set up a web DotSptial application?

Thanks in advance for your help.