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DemoMap Example - Problems

Jun 10, 2011 at 7:52 PM

I just downloaded the DotSpatial source code and am trying out the DemoMap example. However some of the functions do not seem to be working or I am doing something wrong.

1. Rotate Test Image. I have created the test image using the appropriate button ("Add a test image") and then when I click on the "Rotate test image" all that happens is a new layer get created and the image is not rotated. Am I doing something wrong or is the problem in the code?

2. Delete the selected Feature - whatever I do I cannot delete anything.

a) How does one select a "Feature"

b) If I select the testimage in the legend box I get the "No layer was selected in the legend" - but if I select any other entry in the Legend I do not get an error message but also nothing happens

Any help is appreciated