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Doing DotSpatial in Visual C# 2010 Express: U. S. cites are treated as GIS Points. How to connect 5 U. S. cites as a path/line?

Mar 16, 2011 at 5:55 PM

Hi all,

I think I can treat U. S. cities as the GIS Points and I plan to connect Baltimore, Atlanta, Omaha, Denver and Seattle as a path in the

DotSpatial - Visual C# 2010 Express project.  I have the following questions: 

1) How can we declare the 5 U. S. cities as GIS Points in DotSpatial-Visual C# 2010 Express project?

2) What DotSpatial funtions should I use to connect the 5 U. S. cities as a path/line?  And how to get this path/line?

Please kindly help and advise me how to do these 2 things.

Thanks in advance,

Scott Chang