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Doing DotSpatial Programming: To create a new point in Visual C# 2010 Express - how to get the "btnCoord" button created on the Form1?

Feb 8, 2011 at 9:04 PM

Hi all,

From the Sample Code of DotSpatial.Topology, I can copy the following code:

using DotSpatial.Topology;
using DotSpatial.Common;

        private void btnCoord_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
            //creates a new coordinate 
            Coordinate c = new Coordinate(2.4, 2.4);
            //passes the coordinate to a new point
            Point p = new Point(c);
            //displayes the new point's x and y coordiantes
            MessageBox.Show("Point p is: x= " + p.X + " & y= "  + p.Y);    

In the Form1 of my DotSpatial project that has the "Legend" - "Map Layers" on tab Page1 of Panel1, and the "Map" on Panel2 established.  How can I drag a Button from the Toolbox (on the left pane) to the already occupied Form1?   Please clarify this confusing the "btnCoordClick" thing for me.

I did not see DotSpatial.Common.dll in the DotSpatial 12-15-2010 dll library downloaded and saved in my C: Drive.  What is the new dll file that replaces DotSpatial.Common.dll?   Please comment on this matter too.


Scott Chang