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Build paths.

Oct 16, 2010 at 8:27 PM

Someone tried to be helpful by changing the debug build paths to bin directories that are local for each project, probably because they were morally offended by having debug files built to the release folder.  Also some build paths may have been off because of that or earlier changes to the build paths, possibly by me =P.  Unfortunately, the nature of Apps, Tools and GDAL extension are very touchy.  If you set their reference to CopyLocal="True" then they won't work.  The net effect was to basically kill part of the functionality of the project.  They need to be referencing the same version of the libraries, and the easiest way to do that is to have them build to the same directory and have CopyLocal="False".  In order to try to mollify injured sensibilities about the release folder, I have re-organized the outputs in debug mode to be built to a "Debug" folder in the root directory like [root]\Debug.  The files have the same organization as they do in the release directory, but this way people that like to keep debug builds separated can do so in the event that they switch the project to "Debug". 

To help control future mix-ups, if you make build path changes, please run the "DotSpatial" solution and run the "TestViewer" project as the executable.  Make sure that the Tools load in the toolbox, that the ShapeEditorApp appears in the plugins list when you click on the puzzle button and make sure that the "GDAL Raster Provider" appears when you click the green add button and look in the list of supported file types.  If all three of those are working, then your setup is good to go.  Otherwise, your version is broken and you should fix it before posting a change to the build paths.  Poor Gerd tried all week to get tools to work and couldn't, and several other folks were having lots of problems related to this.

Thanks for the enthusiasm though.  I definitely don't want to discourage people form participating, just be careful.