• January 13, 2014: Released DotSpatial 1.6. Details here.


DotSpatial is a geographic information system library written for .NET 4. It allows developers to incorporate spatial data, analysis and mapping functionality into their applications or to contribute GIS extensions to the community. DotSpatial provides a map control for .NET.

What does DotSpatial do?

  1. Display a map in a .NET Windows Forms or Web application.
  2. Open shapefiles, grids, rasters and images.
  3. Render symbology and labels
  4. Reproject on the fly
  5. Manipulate and display attribute data
  6. Scientific analysis
  7. Read GPS data

Who uses DotSpatial?

Getting Started

Get started by trying a tutorial or downloading the Visual Studio template.
Click the Source Code tab to browse or download the source.
DotSpatial automatic builds, automated tests and more.


Download the source and learn how to contribute.


Please join the OSGeo .NET mailing list or subscribe to the discussions feed.

You can also see a list of our steering committee members and our volunteers
  • Join the MapWindow/DotSpatial Announcements Mailing List for occasional announcements about major releases, conferences, and workshops.
  • General discussions about the DotSpatial project specifically should be shared through the CodePlex Discussion Forum.
  • Issues and bugs should be posted to the CodePlex Issue Tracker.
  • General discussions about use, role and application of DotNet in the Open Source GIS community should be sent through the OSGeo DotNet mailing list: This is an open list that anyone can join.

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